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Benefits of a Green Vehicle Fleet


Businesses and company car drivers are increasingly concerning themselves with more eco-friendly ways of conducting their operations, and a popular way of doing this is through a fleet of ‘green’ or environmentally friendly vehicles. 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) – those that run at least partially on electricity either from batteries or a fuel cell - offer many advantages to businesses, especially those which use their fleet to travel short distances on a regular basis. 

The cost of “refuelling” EVs is low and can be carried out on the street using public charging bays. As of 2019, there is now a network of 337 of these public charge points across Northern Ireland which are owned and operated by the Electricity Supply Board. 

To make the charging of EVs more convenient, special charging points can also be set up at home or at the workplace. 

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) offer vehicle fleet owners the best of both worlds. With an electric motor and a traditional combustion engine, these vehicles provide excellent average miles per gallon (mpg). 

Reduce operating costs 

It is widely understood that green vehicles are more cost-effective than conventional car ownership (i.e. diesel or petrol-powered vehicles). 

The further development of EV technology means that the initially high costs associated with purchasing these vehicles is being driven down. 

The UK Government’s plug-in car grant, first introduced in 2011, offers discounts on a selection of EVs, now with grants of up to £3,500 available (from 2018 onwards). These grants provide a cash incentive for buyers whilst allowing the business to reduce emissions from its fleet and hence, play a role in improving air quality. 

Fleet managers and fleet owners who invest in a green fleet could ultimately see a massive reduction in the monthly operating costs of their vehicle fleets in the long term. 

Alongside the business being protected from fluctuating fuel prices, vehicle tax vastly decrease when applied to green vehicles, giving company owners the opportunity to reinvest these savings back into their business.

Cut emissions and improve the company image 

A major advantage of running a green fleet is that it helps to reduce the impact an organisation has on the environment. 

Cutting emissions can help create brand loyalty, as consumers today value the sustainability of a business and use this as a way of differentiating between competitors. 

As the first dealer to introduce the fully Electric Vehicle to the Northern Ireland market, Donnelly Group is committed to supporting the development of future clean air technologies within the motor industry.There is an extensive range of EVs and PHEVs available through Donnelly Fleet, including the entire Land Rover Plug in Hybrid Range, the Mitsubishi Outlander, the Renault Twizzy, Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Volkswagen e-golf and the Jaguar i-pace. 

To view the entire range of EVs and PHEVs available go to our Hybrid Vehicles section

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20th of March 2019